Shared crypto bots

Roadmap 2023/24

February 2023 - Trading Bots Live Testing
During this phase, trading bots execute buy and sell orders based on predefined strategies, while traders and developers closely observe them.
April 2023 - Cyber Security Measurements
Cybersecurity measures are comprehensive strategies and practices implemented to safeguard computer systems, networks, and digital assets.
June 2023 - 100.000 Successful Transactions
Celebrating 100,000 Successful Transactions!
August 2023 - Concept Development
Concept development is the process of taking a raw idea or initial inspiration and refining it into a well-defined, detailed concept.
November 2023 - $BOTS Token Launch
Celebrating $BOTS Token Launch on Ethereum!
November 2023 - Direct Partnership Launch
Celebrating Direct Partnerships on Ethereum!
December 2023 - Global Marketing
Global marketing refers to the strategy and practice of promoting and selling products or services on a worldwide scale.
February 2024 - Institutional Partnerships
Institutional partnerships refer to collaborative relationships established between organizations, institutions, or entities for the purpose of achieving shared goals.
April 2024 - Decentralized Trading Platform
Developing a decentralized trading platform involves creating a digital marketplace where users can buy, sell, or trade various assets.
June 2024 - Multichain Tradingbots
Developing multichain trading bots involves creating automated software programs that execute trades on multiple chains.
September 2024 - Concept Revaluation
Concept revaluation refers to the process of revisiting and reassessing an existing concept or idea.
December 2024 - Community Event
Yearly Community Celebration!